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Tri-County Mall  – A look into Tri-County Mall. This mall was built in 1960 as a open air mall then later enclosed in 1968. In 1990 a second level was added. It was my favorite mall in my high school years. So sad to see how empty it is now. I did surprisingly count 33 stores still open (including pop up aisle stores) from the once over 200 stores open, although some of the stores looked fully stocked – but the gates were closed even at noon time on a Monday. But thankfully for this mall, it will breathe new life, unlike the Forest Village Mall. The mall is in much better shape inside and out compared to Forest Village mall just 5 miles away.  Springdale just announced plans for more than 50 buildings, thousands of residential units and a dramatic repurposing of the 61-year-old mall. The project would proceed across five phases, each on two-year timelines, for a total timeframe of around 12 years. Stop out and walk through this mall before the changes get started.

Tri-County Mall – Cincinnati, OH | Barge Photography

Center court atrium skylights

Main entrance
Inside main entranceThis store has been here ever since I remember. I even enjoyed one with extra icing, at one of the two small lone tables in the entrance
Center court atrium fountain area is now just a children’s play area. Sadly, the beautiful fountain and sunk in seating area was removed in 2015Note the lighter floor tiles. This is the area where the fountain use to be. Another store that was here as long as I can remember, and just very recently closed for goodSears inside entrance. Sears Sears outside entranceSears auto center and store pick up areaFood court opened in 1990 when the 2nd floor was added, and closed in 2019The entire food court drywalled up
The old Suncoast Motion Picture Company. I would buy a new VCR tape there every week when I use to collect movies. Sold them all back in the early 90’s  to a dealer at Traders WorldSears wing of the mall. Sadly just two stores remain – the barber shop and a covid testing and vaccination clinic on the bottom floorThe old JC Penny corner of the mall that has been turned into a new entranceBJ’s Restaurant which opened in 2008 and is still open todayNew entrance added after JC Penny closed in 2005. Krazy City indoor theme park was up the escalator, opening in early 2008, and only lasting until late 2009Macy’s outside entrance. Macy’s was the last anchor to closed its doors in March of 2021Macy’s side entranceMacy’s inside top floor entranceSpencer’s Gifts. My favorite place to go in the 70’s and 80’s.  Loved my strobe and black lights and posters lolThing’s Remembered. Another long time staple of the mallDillard’s rear entranceRear parking garageDillard’s inside entrance. Dillard’s store was “downgraded” to a clearance center in 2013 and closed in 2015Dillard’s inside entrance
Disney store and lone elevator in the mall. Still in operation

Disney storeInside Rue21 store.  Closed in 2021I think the Hollister storefrontSears wing of the mall
South entrance of the mall and Ruby Tuesdays

Tri-County MallBarge Photography

Tri-County Mall – Cincinnati, OH

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